Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekly update

This past week I put together a draft of my design document. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible and made some mock ups for each page the user will encounter. Any comments on it are appreciated!

After doing all this design work I realize that I need to learn a lot more javascript than I had expected. While I'll still be exporting KML to Google Earth, I'll be previewing the visualizations a lot more in Google Maps which uses javascript. This puts me a little behind, because I'll have to get caught up on javascript this week too.

To do this week:
  • Meet with David and get feedback on design doc.
  • Make changes to design doc; post on wiki.
  • Familiarize self with javascript fundamentals
  • Implement the basic pie chart generation functionality. Functionality should include:
    • Draw a pie on a google map.
    • Plots multiple objects (working up to pie charts, but starting with placemarks) on a map.
    • Basic import of data.
    • Basic export to kml.

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