Monday, June 18, 2007

Links to useful documentation for working with javascript and Google Maps

Prototype is an excellent javascript library that basically implements all those functions that you wish came standard but didn't. Yay! Thanks to Cyrus and Jack who pointed this out to me. The documentation is pretty good too.

Javascript documentation. Fairly helpful, but not very complete. I ended up buying O'Reilly's javascript book this weekend to supplement this. The book's proven to be extremely helpful so far.

HTML DOM reference. Helpful, but doesn't have an 'DOM Element' section, which is annoying. The O'Reilly book does though, which once again is great.

HTML DOM Element reference. On Mozilla's development site. Has links to other references on javascript that might be worth checking out.

General HTML Tag reference.

Google Maps API reference. It has all the functions, but it's a bit difficult to parse. It can be difficult to find what a function belongs to -- the headings need to be set apart more. Also, some example syntax would be helpful. All in all, it's a necessary resource, but difficult to understand.

GPolygon class examples. On the Google Maps API forum. Many helpful links that showed how they implemented circles, making them draggable, resizable, etc. Very useful reference.

Firebug debugger. I've been using this debugger for inside website stuff. It's generally awesome. You can view the DOM hierarchy, set break points, and generally debug your code with it. Only complaints so far are that the debugging functionality appears to be a line off for some reason and sometimes the program fails to recognize the breakpoints you set (just blows right through them).

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