Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekly update

This past week focused on development of a basic data input page. I decided to use form variables (at least to start with) as the way to pass information between pages. I had to learn how to write the html to allow that plus some php to parse the passed information. I also had to figure out how to pass the variables between php and javascript to get the input data and viewer scripts I'd written to get along. Anyways, as a result I have a rudimentary input page tied to my viewer now. I, of course, still need to clean it up, add error handling, different input types, etc. But it's a start!

On the administrative side of things, I added my project blog to the Planet SoC site. Basically it's a neat aggregation of a bunch of blogs concerning many different Google Summer of Code projects. I also updated the wiki with my design doc.

To do for this week:
Get basic output page written and in synchrony with the other pages.
If time, add some functionality to the viewer (like changing colors).

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