Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekly update

This past week I...
  • Explored Google Earth and its APIs.
  • Figured out an algorithm for calculating vertices for drawing "circles" on a map.
  • Figured out how to write a pie chart in KML.
  • Explored Google Maps APIs.
  • Learned some javascript.
  • Learned how to embed Google Maps in a web page.
  • Have a better idea of what the overall design of the program will be like.
Next week the focus is on fleshing out the application's design. I will...
  • Produce a page by page description of what the user sees.
  • To do so I will consider:
    • How to input data. Are they going to upload files, input in a text box? What format?
    • How to export data. Format? Data persistence? Can users store data, results, maps, etc.?
    • What is the viewer? Google earth? Google maps?
    • How large are the pie charts going to be in comparison with the geography?
    • How do we deal with the problem of overlapping pie charts?
    • How are we going to color the pie charts? What if there are large numbers of haplotypes, how do we color them all distinctly and usefully?
  • The results of these decisions will be a comprehensive design document posted on the wiki.

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