Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekly update

This week I've spent hacking away at the data management page. I've got all (cross you fingers) the bugs smoothed out from transferring the changed data from the data management page to the viewer page. A new feature of note is that the program now sorts the haplotypes by groups and the user can color all haplotypes in a group at once. (Note, I haven't uploaded the newest version to the website yet, sorry).

Features added this week:
  • Can include/exclude haplotypes and populations.
  • Can edit data.
  • Can specify haplotype groups.
  • Can color by haplotype group.
  • Changing colors in the colorpicker now changes the associated pie wedge colors in real time.
Next week:
  • Meet with David about the remaining goals for the project, and project timeline.
  • Update the export function to allow grouping by haplotype groups, etc.
  • Tie the data management page to the input data page.
  • Update website with latest release.
  • Research copyright laws and permissions concerning the maps.

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