Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fixing svg/img bugs

So I got a bug report that said that the site didn't work in Firefox in Linux. Only one wedge was being drawn. Turns out that for some reason the call to GPolygon that usually produces svg's produces 'img' elements instead. This caused a bunch of problems. Now I've fixed it so that I check if img's or svg's are produced, then modify the event handling of those objects. I suspect that this img/svg problem may be at the heart of the app's bad behavior in Internet Explorer and Safari as well. But there are more bugs to take care of there... Just a note: Gmaps in Firefox in Windows and Mac DOES produce svgs.

By producing img's instead of svg's certain features of the site become impractical to implement. The biggest problem is that the img's must be completely redrawn each time there's a change. With svg's I can easily change the style (fill color, stroke width, etc.) of the element without having to redraw the graphic. The drawing of the pies is time consuming, so with img's I've disabled the dynamic updating of the pie wedge colors. Now the user must click the 'ok' button to submit their new color requests.

Note: I'm not sure who's 'fault' it is for not being able to use svg's on Firefox in Linux. The documentation for Firefox states that svg support is now built in to the latest release, so maybe it's Google Map API's fault for returning the wrong img datatypes when it should return svg's. In any case, img's are what's being rendered on the page.

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