Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekly update

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was away at the Botany 2007 conference in Chicago. Things went great at the conference. I managed to get the PhyloGeoViz skeleton mostly working prior to the conference and was able to actually input my own data into the program! It was a great moment. I then created most of my talk's slides based on this output. I pitched the project and NESCent's Phyloinformatics Summer of Code and Google's Summer of Code programs at the end of my talk. Several people approached me afterwards, and they seemed very interested in participating next year! So hopefully I was able to do some recruiting.

On the coding front, I fixed a bad bug that was causing the program to barf in versions of Firefox without the debugger plugin. Unfortunately, the code still doesn't work in Internet Explorer. I also fixed a bug relating to dragging and zooming pies.

To do for this week:
  • Catch up on the project blog and chronicle what changes I've made to the code and my bug fixes.
  • Write function that will output the legend as overlay data in the exported kml.
  • Write function that can change the boundaries of the bins for the different pie sizes.
  • Write feature so that user can choose whether all the pies are the same size or have relative sizes.
  • Write a color picker function for changing the haplotype colors.

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