Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bugs fixed -- comment console.logs out

So I was running into the problem that the program worked fine on my machine but was puking on David's. The problem turned out to be how I was debugging my programs. I've been outputting debugging info to a console log readable in the Firebug program. If you don't have Firebug installed, the console functions are not understandable and the browser barfs. So after commenting out all my console logs, the problem went away.

I also noticed the bug that if you moved a pie and zoomed the map, the pies would not be in the right location. Turns out that I had been updating the population centers twice (once on drag, then again on zoom with the same move state), so was getting erroneous placement info. Once again, turned out to be an easy fix. Just commented out the second population updater in the zoom event handler.

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